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The Bolivian president complied with the OAS recommendation after his auditors confirm the fraud on October 20. The words you chose for your statement could give a clue to your plans

"I have decided to renew all the members of the Supreme Electoral Court and call for new general elections," Morales said, beset by protests and police riots across the country. For weeks the streets have been scenes of confrontations between opponents and the followers of the president of the left, raising tension and uncertainty. However, in his brief statement, in which he complied with the recommendations of the OAS, he did not specify the date of these new elections or if he still has aspirations.

Only with one sentence did speculation begin. "Convene new national elections that, through the vote, allow the Bolivian people to democratically choose their new authorities by incorporating new political actors," he said and opened the doors for opponents and officials to place their bets.

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What do you mean by "new political actors"? One of the possibilities, which their detractors actually expect, is to step aside. That finally fulfill the popular will of the referendum of February 21 in which 51.3% of the votes said NO to indefinite reelection. After that defeat, the president went to the related Justice to get running.

In that line, the first opponent spoke after the announcements, Waldo Albarracin, member of the National Committee for the Defense of Democracy (Conade) of Bolivia. "It would be ideal if I quit for ethical reasons, but I want to take into account what he said in his press conference:‘ new elections with a new electoral body and new political protagonists. " This means that Mr. Morales should not run, ”he said in an interview with the Unitel channel.

Evo Morales did not explicitly say it, it is probably a letter that is saved for the next few hours, by virtue of political reactions but, above all, street, to his announcement.

If he retired, he would gain the support of the OAS and legitimize his power until January 22, 2020, when his term of office ends. In doing so, I would follow the example of Argentina's Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner that, having a strong and consolidated electoral base, he was aware of the high rejection that his figure could cause in large sectors of society, and neutralized that negativity by delegating the candidacy to a less polarizing figure, such as Alberto Fernandez.

Now, Morales' phrase inviting "new political actors" to the elections could not necessarily be a reference to himself, but also opens the door to other speculations. What if instead of talking about "a historical resignation" he was referring to the incorporation of new opposition figures?

A possible candidacy of Luis Fernando Camacho, president of the Committee for Santa Cruz, could also have a handle. The leader of the Bolivian cabildos gained a lot of strength in the last hours. It was he who led large mobilizations and faced Evo Morales directly. His figure gained popularity, even dulling the opposition candidate Carlos Mesa.

So far neither Evo nor Camacho confirmed what their intentions are. What there are are speculations … And some clues.

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