winter is coming in force this week


Change of scenery. After a month of very mild October, a cold air mass is about to break over France, this week. From Thursday to Saturday, temperatures will be lower than in January on much of the hexagon. We'll have to bring out the jackets …

A mass of cold air is about to break over France, this week. | SCREEN CAPTURE: WINDY.COM

  • A mass of cold air is about to break over France, this week.
    A mass of cold air is about to break over France, this week. | SCREEN CAPTURE: WINDY.COM

Less than two weeks after the passing of the storm Amelie, it is the turn of the winter to knock on our door, with a little advance.

The coming week will be marked by a descent of polar air from the North Pole.

From the beginning of the week, temperatures will be 2 to 3 ° C below seasonal averages. But the effects of this cooling should particularly be felt from Thursday, as revealed by this animation of the weather channel.

In several regions, between Thursday and Saturday, the maximum temperature will be several degrees lower than the average maximum temperature of January, which is usually the coldest of the year.

"From Thursday, the cooling will increase with peaks around 5 to 7 ° C from Thursday to Saturday in 3/4 of the country, values ​​of 5 to 7 ° C below normal, sometimes lower than in the heart of winter. We must add to this cold the north wind that will sometimes make the atmosphere icy! Predictors warn.

Snow in plain?

Some scenarios derived from meteorological models do not completely exclude the possibility of low-level snow showers, especially in the East, the Hauts-de-France and the center of the country. And impressive amounts of snow could fall again, especially on the Pyrenees where the snow has already fallen in abpondance, this weekend, and the Alps from 1000 meters of altitude.

"This very hectic weather is related to the establishment of a strong northwestern current. In this maritime polar air is added a very dynamic depression that will focus on France with heavy rains and sometimes violent winds in the west Thursday, " adds the forecasters.

This depression will move east Friday with a risk of floods and floods in the Southwest and Mediterranean regions. "An episode of violent winds, even stormy, is also to be feared …"

Cold, rain, and wind. In short, a real time of January.

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Weather. Falling temperatures, first flakes in the lowlands: winter is coming in force this

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