Winter Star sells Aldi Sud: Discounter reacts to "concerned citizens" and is celebrated in the net


They regularly appear on the various forms of social networks on the Internet. The "worried citizens", Who fear for the downfall of the Christian-Western culture – because allegedly Christian and especially Christmas tradition are increasingly pushed into the background. Like the – false – claim that Christmas markets are renamed winter markets out of consideration for Muslims.

As the Discounter Aldi one in the past week winter star This was clearly too much for a customer. He was of the opinion that the plant should be considered as Christmas star sold. This finally has a long tradition in German living rooms and belong to "our grown Christian-western culture". The fact that Aldi is changing that is "anticipatory obedience, which seamlessly joins the renaming of Christmas markets in winter markets" and certainly not in the spirit of the old brothers Albrecht. Those would "probably both rotate in their urns, whether the subjugation of the new Aldi South Administration to leftist forums and Islam".

Aldi counters the criticism ingeniously

The social media team, of course, could not let that sit on itself – and shows in his answer each Lot of humor, At first, the plant is not a classic poinsettia – which, by the way, will continue to be offered – but a modification. In order to avoid confusion, the product was also named differently – namely Winterstern. But Aldi suggests: "But you may also like him horst if you feel better about it. "

So Aldi reacts to the criticism of the Winter Star.
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In addition, they write: "Since time immemorial, we and our founders have welcomed all people, regardless of religion, social, ethical or national origin or nationality. You may like to spread your strange suspicions elsewhere, but please do not post here. "At the end of the Facebook post is still # keinplatzfurrassismus

The majority of Facebook userswho follow the Alid South side, agrees with the statement of the discounters apparently. At least the positive reactions to the contribution are clearly in the majority.

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