Winterstern instead of poinsettia: "Founders would rotate in their urn"


Aldi-Sud has been selling "winter stars" in its branches for a few days now. But even before the plants are even available, several customers socialize against the discount store. The reason: The "winter stars" look suspiciously similar to the "poinsettias" known in this country.

Aldi sells winter stars instead of poinsettias – and the excitement is great

Some commentators are already sensing the secret abolition of Christmas, a break with Christian-Western traditions or even submission to left-wing forums and Islam. So at least the charge of a commentator who found much attention on Facebook.

In his comment, a customer criticizes the renaming, which, according to him, fits seamlessly into the renaming of Christmas into winter markets. This was probably not in the sense of the Aldi founders – the brothers Albrecht – who were in turn practicing Catholics. Literally the user wrote: "They would probably rotate both in their urn". The angry customer ends his statement on the wall of the Aldi-Sud Facebook page with the wish that some customers like the "Winterstern left".

Aldi counters angry customers: reaction is remarkable

Noteworthy is the reaction of Aldi-Sud, for which the discounter is celebrated by many users. A certain Irek provided for the customer namely for enlightenment: "The winter star is not the classic red poinsettia, but a modification". It has decided on the name to avoid confusion, it goes on. In addition, you will soon also offer poinsettias (as a bush). "You can call him (the Winter Star, Note d. Red.) also call Horst, if you feel better with it, "countered the Aldi-Admin and thus has the laugh on his side.

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