with Macron, "we will discover the Macronian calends", according to Bertrand


Six months after the cacophony about the age of retirement, the government is dividing again on the "grandfather clause" which consists in applying pension reform only to future workers, a sign of increasing feverishness as the December 5th strike approaches.

Emmanuel Macron thinks to spare the special schemes, including the SNCF and the RATP, where a massive strike is looming. But for Jean-Paul Delevoyethe recourse to the "grandfather clause" is "impossible! If one does for a profession, one must do it for everyone, a question of equity, it means that one renounces the reform, "he said Wednesday at the Parisian, triggering the ire of his superiors.

According to Xavier Bertrand, guest of the RTL Grand Jury, Le Figaro, LCI this Sunday, November 10, "the government did not want to tell the truth and what is being prepared is an unjust reform (…) This reform will lead to a general decline in pensionsThe president of the Hauts-de-France region wants to "put an end to the special pension schemes".

"If the government is convinced that the pension reform is good that it puts it in place on 1 January. We are not going to wait 40 years, with the clause of the grandfather. We knew the Greek calends, now we will discover Macronian calends ", he adds.

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