World | "I was paralyzed": Lelandais's lawyer confides on the reconstitution of the murder of Maelys


In his book Either I win or I learn (published by Plon) to be published on November 14, and Free Midi published some extracts (article paid) this Sunday, the lawyer of Nordahl Lelandais, Me Alain Jakubowicz, returns on his trade but also confides on his various businesses.

In this book, he refers to his meeting with Nordahl Lelandais, the number 1 suspect in the case of the murder of little Maelys.

"He seemed to me like a kind of drunkard, fruit of our time and our society, and besides his passion for dogs and motorbikes nothing seemed to interest him," says Alain Jakubowicz in his book. I asked about his interests: The desert, or almost … (…) At 36, he had almost failed everything. "

I did not imagine that it was possible to carry the blows with such violence in the position in which he was

Alain Jakubowicz

The 66-year-old lawyer, former president of the Licra and one of the only ones to have participated in the three major historical trials related to the occupation (those of Klaus Barbie, Paul Touvier and Maurice Papon), returns also in this book on the reconstitution of the murder of Maelys.

"The man was in front of us, the little girl replaced by a big rag doll, all eyes were converging on the cockpit of the car, this Audi, the only witness to what had happened. He was expected to reproduce, as faithfully as possible, the gestures that had been his in this vehicle at this precise moment of the night, which I am convinced were all those who were For my part, I did not imagine that it was possible to carry blows with such violence in the position in which he was, "he develops.

"The audience will, when the time comes, to say how and why, for the time being, I was paralyzed, I could not help but think of the girl's parents who were a few meters away from me," he writes. again.

I had very difficult moments with my conscience

The lawyer, interviewed by Midi Libre, explains that it is "the adrenaline" which pushed him to accept such a file.

"The dream of any lawyer is to acquit an innocent man when everything is overwhelming him, to be alone against everyone, it's not very honorable, but it's human." When someone calls me to take this case I am convinced that it is the family of the child who asks me, I spent very difficult moments with my conscience, but when one is a lawyer, one does not refuse the file Lelandais ", he confides .

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