Worlds 2019: FunPlus Phoenix wins G2 Esports in the final


In the end it could not be and it was a Chinese team that for the second year running down from the clouds and destroyed in a stroke the European aspirations to take the League of Legends World Cup, 12 months ago deposited in Fnatic and this year in those of G2 Sports.

Funplus Phoenix defeated G2 this Sunday in a clean way and during almost insultingly overwhelming times, demonstrating that the change from the dominant region of Korea to China that we saw in the 2018 championship was no accident. Nor is it that it has been a European team that has fallen in the last qualifying round, confirming its second place in the global ranking and ahead of Koreans and especially Americans whose participation, once again, has been a disappointment at all levels.

The team of Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez it was presented in the eyes of Western civilization as a great favorite to the confrontation; its convincing performances throughout the year and its performance during the invitational summer tournament, in which they stood victorious, to presage that this time the world cup would return to Europe, after that already very far away victory in the first season in the that Fnatic took the cat to the water, in a competition and a game that were very different from what we play and see today. But many had to underestimate the capabilities of Funplus Phoenix, a team of medium / low table last year but in 2019 has undergone a transformation that has led to losing 3 games of 30 in the regular phase, 90% winrate in the LPL, one of the toughest competitions of the planet.

The aspirations of G2 lasted for the first game, in which the Chinese slowly but inexorably stifled the Europeans until they destroyed the enemy nexus. G2 stood up, but it wasn't enough. In the second and third games, there was no color. At each one of them, the team owned by the FunPlus organization responded with greater and better blows, deconstructing Europeans and increasing their advantage more and more capitalizing about the mistakes that Caps, Perkz and company were making. The members of G2 never lost their smile, an attitude that has characterized and liked them so much among their fans, but soon it could be seen that the rest of the face did not accompany the gestures of their mouth while they were bleeding targets and giving pressure on the Map. FunPlus Phoenix turned its rivals into a toy during the last two maps and completely annulled its most important players. Little we saw Wonder Boy Caps in the midlane but especially enormous was the superiority in the upper and jungle streets, where the MVP Jankos It had a very low impact on the game, quite unlike its counterpart Tian who gave a micro and macro master class to his rivals. G2 lost the series clearly, without buts of any kind, with errors at the individual level and at the team level, but the worst part is that although in many cases the gold difference was not so great, it almost never had the feeling of that the team could take the tie ahead.

FunPlus Phoenix has put on the table how much has evolved League of Legends not since its creation 10 years ago but in just a few months. They have understood better than anyone how the Rift works and they have managed to take coordination as a team to another level. Not only is mechanical mastery at the individual level enough to take the victory, that is almost understood, but it is also necessary to act with the same precision at the macro level. And that FPP did it perfectly, finding answers to everything G2 proposed from the moment of the draft to the last tower.

Fans in Paris came out slightly disappointed after the defeat of the European players but, in return, they received a live show before the final (impressive once again the use of augmented reality by the organization in Riot Games) and also during it: a class on how to play League of Legends, a lesson about not underestimating rivals and the feeling that Europe is very close to winning the World Cup again and, at the same time, also quite far away.

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