WWE | Cedric Alexander: "AJ Styles is part of the Holy Trinity of professional wrestling" Contact


A few weeks ago, journalist Dave Meltzer said Vince McMahon decided to “bury the push" to Credric Alexander. For that reason, the former champion of the cruiser weights suffered two strong defeats against AJ Styles: first in Clash of Champions, when he quickly lost, and then in the Raw the following night.

Recently, Cedric He had the opportunity to talk with the Talk Talk medium. In that interview he talked about this topic. "I don't agree with those comments," said the now fighter of the red mark. "Also, they bothered me a lot because they are not good for my work environment," he added.

“There are people who think that my defeats were terrible and that AJ humiliated me. But it was not like that. For me, those struggles were great battles in which I could demonstrate my personality and my style in the ring, and I did it in front of a larger audience. That is a victory. ” Alexander.

Finally, the RAW superstar left this clarification: "A defeat does not mean that you end up" buried. " Please, we are talking about AJ Styles. How can anyone think that if you lose to AJ they are buried? It is simply impossible. For me, he is part of the Holy Trinity of professional wrestling, along with Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels. ”

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