Xhaka breaks her silence after the incident with the Arsenal fans


Xhaka finally broke his silence two weeks after his confrontation with the fans of the Arsenal, which has meant that it has disappeared from the playing fields and has lost the captaincy.

The Swiss faced the "gunners" followers after they booed him when he was replaced, which meant that the then captain threw the bracelet and shirt, and confronted them.

“When the number on my shirt lit up on the panel of the fourth referee, our own fans started booing me, that hit me very hard and it bothered me a lot,” he began explaining Xhaka to Blick. “It was very painful and frustrating. I cannot understand such a reaction even now, especially the vehemence of it and the hostility against me, ”added the midfielder.

“It was a time when I was experiencing a lot of hostility from your own football family, which insults you, and it hurts a lot. I don't want to say that I can't stand the criticism. But insulting and cursing your own captain will cause a bad atmosphere for the team you must support. That makes no sense to me and weakens the team spirit. If I receive constructive criticisms or even more vehement insults, I try to take them calmly and objectively. But what happened here is abnormal and excessive and there can be no justification for it, ”he continued expressing in the same line, far from apologizing for his attitude.

After the incident, Xhaka He was stripped of the captaincy, which he had reached in September, and was handed over to Aubameyang. “You could say that things have been a bit frantic. Last week in particular was a very special emotional experience for me. I have been one hundred percent behind the club and with my role as a player since I came here. I have said what it means on more than one occasion, ”insisted the Swiss, who nevertheless confessed that“ now we are at a point that we must take stock and make sure that things do not get completely out of control. ”

Even so, that does not mean that Xhaka plan to change your air in this winter window, even though you have not played with the Arsenal because emotionally he is not prepared. “After a very difficult start I played a lot and, in general, I had a great time with Arsenal. My family and I felt very good in London. The events of the last week do not change that at all. I will continue to be positive, give everything and show that I am an important part of this great team. ”

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