Yellow card for HSV-Doc: Funky rule! That would have happened if there had been red


GOtz Welsch was upset. The senior team doctor of HSV was busy in the 61st minute (1: 1 against Kiel) to treat Tim Leibold when he told the referee Christian Dingert that Leibold was fouled. The referee's reaction: Yellow card for the Doc!

"The way I heard it was about an untold foul. It was not a bad thing. It was in the heat of the moment, "said sports director Jonas Boldt after the game. The 37-year-old took the doctor in protection: "Whether one must now show the yellow card? I think that only adds hustle and bustle. "

Each yellow card for the HSV staff is one for the coach

But what would have happened if the doctor had seen the second yellow card? It would have given the dismissal for coach Dieter Hecking! Each card against a member of the HSV staff is a card against the boss. In the worst case, the coach would have had to make his way to the stands. Fortunately, that did not happen in Kiel.

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