YouTube viral: Corinthians fan was taken from Palmeiras rostrum | VIDEO Brazil


A fan of Corinthians attended the match against Palmeiras, who served as a local at the Pacaembu stadium. The woman, as seen in a video of Youtube, was in the ‘twists of ‘Verdao’.

Dressed in a white polo shirt, the ‘Timao’ fan took a picture in the stands of the colossus located in Sao Paulo. This image was shared on social networks with a provocative message and addressed to the classic rival.

“Well daring she, in the middle of all the chiquero. Come on Corinthians! I am in the Tobogao (Pacaembu tribune) ”, it was read in the publication.

The people of Palmeiras He saw the photo and it didn't take long to find the supporter of ‘Timao’. Then, two women of ‘Verdao’ recriminated him, as seen in a short clip uploaded to Youtube.

YouTube: infiltrated Corinthians fan was attacked by Palmeiras fans | VIDEO

The fan of Corinthians, who was accompanied by a man who wore the green shirt of the locals, ran through the stands. Finally, the local followers managed to throw their hair.

It is important to mention that, since 2016, a fiscal decision determined that the classics developed in the city of Sao Paulo should only have the presence of the local fans. In this case, only people from Palmeiras.

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