YouTube viral: Gianluca Lapadula's new goal in Italian Serie A | VIDEO Italy


He has scored again in the Italian League. Gianluca Lapadula He scored Lazio in Italy and has scored three goals in the last 12 days. The attacker is going through one of his best moments in Serie A and hopes to continue achieving better records with the Lecce shirt this season. What a streak.

With 29 years of age, Lapadula scored a few meters from the arch to put – at the time – 1-1 between Lecce and Lazio in the Olympic of Rome. Unfortunately, so much could not be done, given that the home team ended up defeating the visit with a strong 4-2. Thus ended the duel for day 12.

Lapadula has scored three goals in nine games played, which averages a game every three games. It shows that he is on this season.

Milk marches in the 16th position in the A series, very close to the descent posts. The next game will be in local condition against Cagliari.

The new goal of Gianluca Lapadula in Serie A. (Video: YouTube)

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