10 more paranormal experiences of WWE fighters


The Day of the Dead is over, but for anyone who has been wanting more, then We remind you 10 more paranormal experiences of WWE fighters. Of course, each one will be judge of the truthfulness or not of the following events and will be able to analyze it to his pleasure; We will only provide you with those occasions when strange presences were noticed in company shows.

The following list is the written version of the last Quadrilateral video of the same name, which we will leave below:

In what was undoubtedly the worst paranormal experience of a fighter, what demonic entity did David Otunga find in his haunted house? What frightening facts should Renee Young have to endure as a teenager? What did Paige encounter in the darkness of an early morning at home, and what was the background story that his mother explained about it?

Go ahead play to find out all these curiosities and much more in the latest Quadrilateral video:

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10 more paranormal experiences of fighters

Throughout two videos of Quadrilateral, it became clear that the experiences of fighters with the paranormal were not few, but do not worry, they are not over yet. Once again, we take care of collecting them, and the result is as follows: these are the paranormal experiences told by their protagonists, part 3:

Alleged appearances of fighters

Owen hart

Even the most believers have to take the following theories with tweezers. That said, let's proceed:


A local Kansas City newspaper published the following article in the early 2000s: “Kemper Arena employees have claimed to have seen the fighter Owen Hart at the top of the stage wearing the costume of his character, The Blue Blazer, as well as the cable he had before the descent. There have been reports of lights that turn off and on alone, and other sources of energy that did not work well in some areas of the arena. Also, some claim to hear him say check the cable. There have been reports of seeing him on the ground where he died, as some have seen during events. ”


The "sightings" can sometimes be to see what one wants. It could be applied to the case of the alleged spectrum of Eddie Guerrero. See this picture taken at a WWE live event in 2010. Here you can see John Morrison post-combat:

Next to him, clearly, you can see what could be an orb quietly. Some believe that the Latino Heat, according to them, presents similarities to his face.


Randy Savage was not saved either. In 2015, an amateur told Uproxx the picture he took with the following writing: “I was at a local wrestling show in Live Oak, Florida, on August 2, 2015 and I was taking some pictures. I posted one on Facebook and a few hours later people began to say that there was something that appeared to be a spooky figure of ‘The Macho Man’ Randy Savage in the photo ». Whether or not Savage, something can be perceived in it.


Renee Young's experience:

“When we moved with my mother and my brother to Ontario, Canada, we knew immediately that the house was cursed. We all felt it, although we didn't tell each other. There were strange things: you went to the kitchen or the rooms and you could feel that someone was watching you. You always had the creeps, you could never sleep well and always at 2 or 3 in the morning, the demonic hour, you could hear blows.

«When we opened the doors, we didn't meet anyone but our brother. Once, my mother was bathing and He heard my voice calling the dog, so he said, "I just left the dog outside." I was sleeping, so it wasn't me who had spoken. When I invited friends to my house, the noise of the stairs was constantly heard, as if someone were going up and down all the time.

Paige's experience:

«I was 13 years old. Everyone in the house was sleeping, when I decided to go to the bathroom. I went downstairs, and when I went back up, in the dark, I heard a whistle behind me. I turned around and there was no one. I started running upstairs, got into my room and closed the door tightly. At all times that night I heard whistles coming from the stairs and the halls. They were listening closer and closer, and I was already very, very upset. I screamed wildly. My mother came immediately to the room and I told her what happened. It happened that years before someone had died in the house, but my mother told me that she didn't want to tell me until even bigger.

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David Otunga's experience:

«I moved with my (then) wife, Jennifer Hudson, in 2008. I got my contract with WWE and we moved to Florida. As soon as we entered, small things happened that were not normal. One day, in the kitchen, a single cabinet door opened. One night we were with Jennifer watching a movie, when we heard an explosion. We thought someone had entered the house, so we went. A painting they had just given us, totally destroyed on the ground. The strange thing was that to fall, someone had to lift him and throw him with all his might.

«Suddenly, we heard another loud noise in the kitchen. When we turned around, the cabinets were all open. Without warning, a shadow was approaching us. We started to back off, unable to believe it. The thing was getting closer and closer, you could tell she was very furious. I was never more terrified in all my life. And at that moment, a light appeared. We both felt the presence of other spirits, but they were not evil like the other. We stared at each other, incredulous.

«Then, the shadow and the light disappeared. We were so terrified that we packed and headed to a hotel. I called the seller and told him we should break the deal. He replied that he was not surprised, because the previous owner had been in the house for two weeks. He told me that a few years earlier, someone had been killed in that house. ”

Part I:

Part II:

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