100% fight: both Boca and Velez forgot to play, they got everything and it was a tie in Liniers


The Sunday day of Argentine football, friends, ended more spicy than usual with the Velez-Boca we live.

In the previous one, with the extra seasoning of a new encounter between the people of the Fortin and Mauro Zarate, there was already a promise of a duel with great intensity.

But between both teams they were more than anything to hit, stick, fight and discuss. Little, but very little, they tried to play.

An infinity of yellows had to get the referee Patricio Loustau, and near the end he had to expel Frank Fabra for a hard tackle on Bouzat.

Both Alfaro and Heinze lost the opportunity to add three by taking into account that all those above left points along the way.

It should be mentioned: when Zarate was replaced for Hurtado's entry, he had a new spicy duel with the fans.

It was 0-0 in Liniers …

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