10N Elections: The CUP breaks into Congress with two seats for Barcelona | Catalonia


Mireia Vehi (in the center) and Albert Botran (terero on the left), after learning about the TV3 poll. VIDEO: EFE

The CUP conquered this Sunday in a comfortable way its objective of breaking into the Congress of Deputies for the first time with two seats. With 99% of the census scrutinized, the head of the list by Barcelona, ​​Mireia Vehi, and also former deputy Albert Botran, had their minutes secured in the Cortes. The anti-capitalists, who decided against all odds in September to compete for the first time in a general election, won two seats in Barcelona to the detriment of ERC and Catalunya in Comu.

The polls awarded the anticapitalists between three and four deputies, but finally the scrutiny granted them two. The CUP did not win the seat for Girona, which Laura Lopez finally won, the commons candidate who said Carles Puigdemont was a "vivales". In the global calculation, the CUP was sixth force with 244,320 votes and 6.35% of the votes, surpassing Vox by very little, with 242,507. In fact, the 200 anti-capitalist supporters, who spent the electoral night in the party, booed the intervention of Jose Maria Abascal, leader of Vox, when he appeared on the giant television screen to celebrate his results.

With a stage located outdoors, just in front of its headquarters in Barcelona, ​​with large posters that read "ungovernable" and a lion of Congress invested, Vehi welcomed the result with satisfaction and said: "Let's go to Madrid to make a amendment to the regime and to extend the rebellion. The winner has been the independence movement in the street that has done more in two weeks than the Government in two years. ” Under a cold cold, Eulalia Reguant, number three on the list for Barcelona, ​​invited attendees to mobilize from Monday to Wednesday to protest against the ruling of the you process. "The self-determination will not be given to us by the electoral results but by the mobilization," he said.

The anti-capitalists go to Congress with the objective of "blocking" the Chamber and do not plan to weave any alliance with ERC or with Junts per Catalunya. In fact, Vehi has ​​already rejected the invitation of Laura Borras, head of the list of that formation, to create a single group. In any case, the CUP now opens a new stage and closes the long crisis that took place since the elections of 21-D, convened under the application of 155, when they went from 10 to four deputies.

The formation endorsed this March, in the midst of holding the trial of you process Not attending April 28, but the Poble Lliure sector decided to step forward and introduce itself. With Albano Dante Fachin as headliner, the Front Republica list won 113,008 votes, but stayed away from the bench. The situation did not improve in the municipalities when they lost almost 4% of votes and more than 100,000 votes. Given this situation, the CUP decided to attend the generals and, despite achieving two deputies, has not seduced all its potential voters. Its best result was in 2015, in the elections to the Parliament, when it obtained 336,000 votes – 92,000 more than now – and 8.2% of votes. Vehi lamented the brilliant rise of Vox and asked ERC, JxCat and commons that under no circumstances support the investiture of Pedro Sanchez. “His only policy is repression. Amnesty and self-determination or there is no governance, ”he said.

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