"83% pure" cocaine is stranded by hundreds of pounds on the Atlantic coast


"The entire Atlantic facade" is affected by the phenomenon, said Sunday the parquet floor of Rennes. A source close to the file describes bales arrived "sparsely", from the Loire-Atlantique to the Basque Country, through the Vendee or the Gironde.

The phenomenon started "Since mid-October with an intensification since 4 November", said the Rennes public prosecutor, Philippe Astruc.

Regarding the powder, it is about "Bales of cocaine" base ", 83% pure" and the bales "Go aground (…) from the Landes to the mouth of the Loire", he says. "To date we have recovered 763 kilos of narcotics of which today 10 kilos to Pornic and 12 kilos to Arcachon", he said.

"intensive surveillance"

The phenomenon is such that "Intensive surveillance has been put in place by the various services, including customs all along the French coast", and "In view of the large number of discovery points", the specialized interregional Jurisdiction (Jirs) of Rennes has been seized. It will be responsible for "centralizing the research initially conducted locally by the public prosecutors of Saint-Nazaire, Bordeaux or Dax".

Apart from the fact thate "any discovery must be immediately brought to the attention of the police or gendarmerie without any manipulation", transport this type of product is a crime punishable by 10 years imprisonment, said the prosecutor of Rennes, which warns against the consumption of these narcotics: "It is a very dangerous product in this form, its consumption can lead to an overdose. "

Transport accident, voluntary unloading of the goods? The task looks harsh for investigators looking to determine the source. Police co-operation on a European scale has been put in place, as well as with the American authorities.

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