A former president of Dimayor Jorge Perdomo was offered a bribe in case of ticket office


The newspaper said it "established", based on Perdomo's statements, that he was offered a bribe in August 2017, when he was still president of the Dimayor.

The former director declared, as quoted by the newspaper, that Rodrigo Rendon Cano, the top shareholder of Real Cartagena who died in the middle of this year, He went to his office to talk about a "money" that "corresponded" by the ticket office contract.

“Mr. Rodrigo Rendon Cano (qepd) arrived at my Dimayor office and told me that for the renewal of the ticket office contract, I was entitled to money, because he, personally, for the award of the original contract, in August of 2016, he had delivered one billion to Lucho, Ramon and El Chiquito, referring to Luis Bedoya, then president of the FCF; Ramon Jesurun, then president of the Dimayor and first vice president of the Federation, and Alvaro Gonzalez, second vice president of the Federation and president of Dif Futbol, ​​”said Perdomo, according to El Tiempo.

After that visit, Perdomo told the SIC, said the newspaper, which told him what happened to a magistrate of the Supreme Court of Justice, whose identity is unknown, and to the ex-prosecutor, the namesake of the former president of Dimayor, Jorge Perdomo.

But these told the former director of the Federation that sIf I had no evidence, they could start a process against him for injury, slander and even false denunciation, write The Time.

Perdomo, then, went to, at that time, Attorney General of the Nation, Nestor Humberto Martinez, assures the newspaper, which sent him with the then "anti-corruption delegate, Gustavo Moreno", today imprisoned in the United States for the scandal of the cartel of the toga


“The Prosecutor put me to talk to the anti-corruption delegate, Gustavo Moreno, with whom I met at the Capital Hotel of Bogota. When Moreno left the Prosecutor's Office, they put me to talk to people from the delegate for criminal finances, ”said the former director of the Federation, according to the media.

El Tiempo adds that he consulted the lawyers of the Federation about it, and they denied Perdomo's statements, and assured that the words of he was motivated by "a revenge" after he was fired from his position as president of the Dimayor.

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