A four-year-old boy was killed and hit with a stone in an attempted robbery


A 4-year-old boy who was hospitalized in serious condition at the Vilela Hospital after having received a slap in the head in an apparent attempt at robbery, died this afternoon.

Liam Flores remained in the critical care unit since last Thursday night, when he had arrived from the Gamen Hospital of Villa Gobernador Galvez.

That day, the boy was traveling with his parents on a motorcycle when, at the height of St. Martin and Plato, they were attacked by stones by strangers in an apparent attempt at robbery.

Liam's father made some maneuvers to prevent theft, but one of the stones hit the boy's head, causing serious trauma whose complications eventually caused him to die this afternoon, near 18.

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On May 30, also in San Martin and Plato, the driver of a motorcycle was destabilized by the impact of stones thrown at him.

The man lost control, crashed into a container that was in place and died from injuries. He was found lifeless around 2.40 that day. According to witness statements, three subjects had fled with the motorcycle of the deceased.

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