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Olympique Marseille Olympique Lyonnais. In recent seasons, the shock of both Olympics has been marked by many tensions. And this 99th Olympico has not departed from the rule. Between the 120 years of the club Marseille and the return of Rudi Garcia in Marseille, not to mention the issue of ranking, all the ingredients were together for this evening is special in a stadium that was full (65,421 spectators). And she was. Throughout the day, Marseille fans have raised the mood to the four corners of the city, singing to the glory of their club and against the enemy Lyon and Rudi Garcia. The tension rose a notch when the bus Gones arrived at the Orange Velodrome. Beyond the songs and insults that accompanied the Rhodanians, the vehicle was stuck and three windows were damaged. "We have fallen into an ambush. If it goes on like this, we will not play ", dropped President Jean-Michel Aulas on his descent from the bus to our colleagues from The Team.

An explosive encounter

Moments later, residents of Groupama Stadium issued a press release. "The safety of players, staff and leaders was not ensured during the trip to the stadium. After the threats to the team and Rudi Garcia all afternoon on the social networks, 5 impacts were noticed on the bus leading the team to the stadium. Windows were broken. President Jean-Michel Aulas had to alert the delegates of the match on the risk of endangering the physical integrity of players, coaches and referees ". Once in the stadium, hell continued for the Gones, insulted during the warm-up and during the meeting. At each corner, they received projectiles from the stands of the Orange Velodrome. And in the 12th minute, the stadium exploded … of joy. After a Thiago Mendes hand in the Lyon area, Anthony Gautier indicated the penalty point. Dimitri Payet advanced to pull him.

But the French international had to wait six minutes before hitting him. The referee asked Payet to wait to see if Morgan Sanson had not been guilty of a hand before Thiago Mendes. Then the Marseillais had to wait again after a collision between Benedetto and Dubois (on the ground) and after Anthony Lopes received a laser in the eyes. He could finally start in the 18th minute and deceive the Lyon keeper (1-0). Then Payet doubled the bet in the 39th (2-0) before having a muscle exchange on the edge of the field with his former coach Rudi Garcia, he had dezired Friday in a press conference. In the second half, the Orange Velodrome was still on fire, the smoke was out. Moreover, at the 53rd, the match was interrupted since we could not see anything anymore. The game then resumed, with a Lyon goal signed Moussa Dembele (2-1, 59th). But everything was revived after the expulsion of Alvaro Gonzalez in the 64th minute. In spite of that, the OM kept good until the end. OM won 2-1 and the Velodrome could explode with joy.

The Marseillais savor

After the meeting, Jean-Michel Aulas could not help but let go of a few sentences which he has the secret to Canal +. "Listen, of course the result is indisputable. On the other hand, it is true that the image of the match gave a deplorable image of football in its context of passion but also of reaction. That is to say that when we try to impress before, the players, the leaders, with a pressure that is not contained … When during the match, we can mention at least two cases of difficulty on the plan of the application of the VAR, because it seems to me that there is a hand of Sanson just before the hand that brings the penalty that changes the fate of the match. And then there is the slap of Benedetto on Dubois who in fact is not whistled at all. So congratulations to Marseille for putting a lot of pressure on being able to pack little ball-gatherers so they do not give the balloons anymore, to make the pressure be immense. ". Unlike him, Houssem Aouar did not wish to add, explaining that the atmosphere had not necessarily played tonight.

In the camp opposite, the smiles were out. Man of the match, Dimitri Payet savored, he who returned to the moment he had to wait to shoot and turn his penalty. "It's complicated, it's long especially. I try to stay in my bubble and focus on the action I have to take. I stayed in my bubble, I fired and it workedLike him, the Phoenicians were thrilled, they who were able to please their many supporters. "It's true that there was a lot of excitement around this game. It's been a month since we know that this tifo is in preparation and that there was a big wait around this game. The coach Garcia came back so here … Not to mention that it was against Lyon, against the coach Garcia or whatever, the important thing was to pass second. Tonight, we're only second. We scored a big blow. The party has been successful for the Marseillais!

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