After a long time, three Mexicans in the top 10 of the goals in the Liga MX


Long, long time ago, the MX League He didn't show three Mexican strikers on his list of flyers, in the top 10. Now, and with all justice.

Alan Pulido with 10 goals; Jose Juan Macias and Henry Martin with 8, are the national attackers who in this Opening 2019 they have put you for you with the foreign army that has dominated the network breaker lists for many years.

Because it's true that since the League opened the doors to the arrival of foreigners, being a front for Mexicans has become a double challenge, because opportunities have been reduced and the urgency to demonstrate has grown.

The striker of the Chivas, 28 years old, has had the best tournament of his career in terms of goals, and this has helped the Chivas resurface in search of a miracle and can enter the Liguilla.

Your annotations have been made as follows. Day 2 to Tigers. Day 4 to San Luis. Day 5 to Leon (2). Day 11 to Pachuca. Day 12 to America. Day 13 to Pumas. Day 17 to Toluca (2) Day 18 to Queretaro.
Although varuos have been a penalty, it is remarkable that now, Polished Think about your career and not social networks.

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The Americanist is by itself a story of perseverance. Full of great qualities but also invaded by injuries or part of a fierce fight for a place in the attack of the America, the Quintana Roo finally sees the fruits of the work. His streak began on date 10 and from there he added without resting. Day 10 to Queretaro (2). Day 12 to Guadalajara. Day 13 to Cruz Azul. Day 14 to Necaxa. Day 18 to Veracruz (3).

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He is the only one of the three best Mexican strikers, who is in the National selection. With eight goals Macias matched his best mark, which he did last tournament. His goal map has been like this. Day 1 to Pachuca. Day 5 to Guadalajara (2). Day 6 to Queretaro (2). Day 7 to Santos. Day 14 to Pumas. Day 18 to Toluca. Some of his many have also been penalized, but in the end this does not detract from it.

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