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Alfred Julbe (Limoges coach) : "After the success against Tofas (in Eurocoupe), it's good for the victory, but also for the way, the continuity in the effort. But Pau Orthez pushed us there. We must regain confidence in what we do. I doubted, but creatively. Yes, the match could have escaped us. As for Anthony Brown, who is coming and has a month of contract, I am happy with his involvement. "

Brian Conklin (interior of Limoges) : "He's a clasico, I'm the captain, I have to show the way, play with energy, play hard, and shoot when possible. I do not mind playing in four or five. With Semaj Christon, there is no problem, he always finds me well. I think we found a rhythm in defense. It must be our major card. You have to be able to defend like that outside. This is my fourth class, when you arrive, you feel the crowd behind you, that she gives you love, that everyone goes crazy, it helps you to play. "

Laurent Vila (Pau-Orthez coach) : "Of course, there is disappointment with the result. On the quality of the game, we are better on the management. We can do better, we're still a bit choppy. We lack stability, we should not leave an open shot here, a rebound there. We lack regularity. We run after the victories. It starts to put the team in danger. "

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