'All pacts pass through Pedro Snchez'


If it's not broken, don't fix it, but Sanchez summoned some elections I had already won six months before. It has achieved a decrease in its parliamentary quota Theresa May, data that by itself would force the resignation of the president of the acting Government. Remember to look for "a wider majority ", according to the interviews he offered as a candidate from La Moncloa. Therefore, unfulfilled objective.

Sanchez needs to be seen on the electoral posters to quench his narcissism, but he could have sought less damaging methods for his governed. Fortunately, the voters of PSOE They are less frivolous than their leaders. The brains of the party they were driving a resurgence of Vox more important because of the moderate right-wing ideology of the party than because of its influence on governance, while the voters ordered their leader to retry a pact from the left, and this time without laziness or withdrawal.

The hopeful hope of April acquires a conminatory tone in the sad elections of November, one of the greatest gestures of arrogance in the country's history that only symbolically worries the headliners of the contestants. In spring, the international press woke up greeting Sanchez to the new leader of the continental social democracy. Right now, the headwaters and foreign ministries refer to the most unstable country on the continent. And all because another enlightened one preferred to feel Napoleon rather than take care of the affordable mission he had entrusted.

When a setback with flames of disaster seemed inevitable, Minister Abalos said they never thought of a very different result from April. He discredited his leader, in addition to despising voters. What did they summon then? Was it a secret pact with Vox, like the one Chirac systematically denounced between Mitterrand and Le Pen?

Sanchez cited superfluous elections to cut his room for maneuver, suppressing the escape route of an absolute majority with Citizens. It damaged the image of his country, new paradise of the extreme right. As usual, the consolation of the socialist leader is in its competitors, which forces us to think about the validity of the black legend about Spain's inability to govern itself.

Passing voluntarily from 123 to 120 requires punishment

Before going into details, Sanchez, Casado, Iglesias and Rivera had plenty of reasons to make their position available to their parties, as soon as the count was closed. None of them submitted to the results, they showed again that there is no difference between the patriotism they preach to the insufferable and their commercial calculation. They have nowhere to live better than in politics.

Voluntarily from 123 to 120 demands a punishment, although it is true that Sanchez feared major bleeding. Again, voters wanted to express their disagreement for not talking about disgust, but opening a door to the pacts. Worse is Pablo Casado, presuming the second most depressing result in the history of PP, without any winning hypothesis. Returning to Rajoy's derogatory words about the 85 deputies of the PSOE in 2016, they can be valued in their meager dimension 87 popular deputies in the 10N. Not to mention a party president who boasted a "technical tie" with the PSOE, which surpass him in the whopping 33 deputies. It could be attributed a blushing pathos to his post-election intervention, but only by forgetting that he closed the campaign by asking the Socialists to vote. He insulted his natural supporters.

Pablo Iglesias It has been harmed by Mas Pais, although the name of the commitment of Ínigo Errejon It should be Less Country according to the harvest obtained. However, the pride of the Sultan of We can favored splitting. The once revolutionary force accumulated 72 deputies on the eve of the April elections, half of its resources have been amputated.

Rivera's cowardice

The chaotic Albert rivera It deserves a separate chapter. He has degraded liberalism to hate doctrine, "Sanchez's band". The cowardice of the President of Citizens and of Ines Arrimadas, escaped from Catalonia, has reduced the moderate Spanish party to the residual group that was the most voted of the Catalan elections. Not even the joint action of Malu and Torra has been enough to straighten their black perspectives.

The word sinking falls short to describe the fall of 57 to ten disputed Citizens, for thirteen of ERC or the eight of JxCat. It is a good time to remember that the process places 23 representatives in Congress, which forces a solution also agreed to the Catalan crisis. At least until Vox proposes a ban on general voting for residents of that community, a gesture that will have the enthusiastic support of Citizens, PP and PSOE.

Sanchez has failed to self-inflict the punishment that his folly deserved. He is the only one who can rule Spain after 10N. Or Sanchez or Sanchez but, if he fails again in the attempt, he has to give up his dizzying career (for the vertigo that forces to suffer his represented) and to try some other activity.

Sanchez's semi-annual speech on Ferraz's balcony proved daunting. As happened in April, he was irritated when the militants of his party not only demanded new a pact with We can, but specified their rejection of any temptation to flirt with Casado. The great coalition of PP and PSOE is the only absolute majority possible with only two parties, but neither Spain is Germany nor the PP is as naive as the PSOE, who gave himself cowardly to the investiture of Rajoy.

The indefatigable socialists do not praise their secretary general, they have it under surveillance because they don't trust. Since Sanchez does not seem to have learned the lesson, it should be reminded that the only alternative to an immediate pact is the exit door.

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