All to save the soldier Salhi


For fear that the guard Abdelkader Salhi will again claim his letter of release, the leaders are talking to him almost daily.

They want to put him in the best conditions so that he finishes at least the season with the JSK. After shunting the team for a week following the loss conceded to the CSC, Chlef's child trains the most normally in the world with the group, despite the fact that he was not summoned to the competition. last meeting with the USMBA. The leaders are doing everything to convince him that the JSK needs him and that if he focuses on his work, he will become the best goalkeeper in our championship. Last season, he was for many in the good record recorded by the team in the league, unfortunately, he is very far from his level this season.


In addition to President Mellal, other leaders and members of the technical staff have increased contact with him so that he feels well surrounded. The former goalkeeper of JSK Berkani moved to the stadiumst-November to have a chat with him. The latter tried to give him valuable advice by recommending that he focus only on his work and that he must know how to manage his career. His words have certainly done him good, because if Salhi misses the plate, it will be him and only him the biggest loser.


Despite the situation of Salhi at the moment, it is very likely that he will be titularized at the Clasico against Mouloudia of Algiers. Coach Hubert Velud will certainly have a discussion with him the day before the meeting to see if he is in possession of all his means, and his tenure probably depend on his response. If he plays on Wednesday, it will be an opportunity for him to prove that he deserves the trust placed in him. For Benbot, even if he has nothing to be ashamed of the two goals conceded during the last meeting against the USMBA, his renewal in the woods is not at all feasible at the moment, unless an unforeseen change as the game approaches.

Mohamed A.

Reversal of situation

Chay would not be hot to take over

According to a source close to the management, the technical and sports director Jean-Yves Chay would not be willing to take over in the event of Hubert Velud's dismissal. If at first he had assured President Mellal that he would be ready to "troubleshoot" by putting on his uniform to get on the ground to train the team until he recruited a coach, it would not be the case since he would have changed his mind in recent days. At his age, he prefers to continue his mission as technical and sports director. There is no pressure on him and with the experience he has gained during his career, he can intervene from time to time as he has done so far; but to ensure the interim, he would not be at all enthusiastic about assuming such a task, especially under the present conditions. With all the pressure on the team since the defeat conceded before the USMBA, it is difficult for anyone to coach the team at this time. Jean-Yves Chay had already trained JSK under the Sadmi era, but things have changed since; as he does not only deal with the first team, it will be difficult for him to do more than one task at a time. This would explain his reversal on this question of the interim. It is worth remembering that for family reasons too, Jean-Yves Chay is called constantly to return home in France.

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