'And independence grows,' by Jordi Xargay


Exultants were most of the media in Madrid because the last day of 9/11 "alone" gathered about 600,000 people. Well, it's not going to be. That confuse desires with reality and that the secessionist movement does not decrease at the polls. In the general elections of 2016, the independence parties added 32% of the votes; last April, 40%; and this sunday They climbed up to 42%. And now with the incorporation of a party, the CUP, which has already announced that it will go to Congress to boycott everything it can. They like to call themselves lefts, but they will do nothing for the working class. In Catalonia, they always support the rancid right of Quim Torra. Actually, they are only ultranationalists. And if we look at it in seats they have won one. They have 23 by 25 other forces. A little over a decade ago, in 2008, CiU and ERC only added 13 seats in generals.

It can be argued that the independence parties, at least in general elections, are still far from gathering half of the votes. Depending on how you look at it. In Comu Podem, the Catalan subsidiary of Pablo Iglesias, has obtained about 14% of the votes and seven seats. Its leader, Jaume Asens, who helped Puigdemont in his escape to Waterloo, he defines himself as "sovereignist" (euphemism of independentista). Independence is very much alive. Ignoring it is foolish.

For the rest, he has won the Junqueras match again, by a small margin over the PSC. Puigdemont is reinforced. And absolute debacle of Citizens. From being the most voted party in the 2017 Catalan elections to be behind the PP and even of Vox in the generals of yesterday.

Check the results of the 10-N general elections:

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