angry, Cristiano Ronaldo leaves the stadium before the end


Cristiano Ronaldo, replaced before the hour of play in the victory of Juventus against AC Milan (1-0), left the stadium even before the end of the match, reports Sunday evening the Italian channel Sky.

The television footage showed Ronaldo, gloomy look, let go a few words towards the bench of Juventus before returning directly to the locker room after being replaced by Dybala (55).

And, according to Sky, he had already left the stadium a few minutes before the final whistle.

Not a problem according to Sarri

"Ronaldo, a problem? No, on the contrary," replied his coach Maurizio Sarri to a question from a Sky reporter after the match.

"Already, I thank him for being available when he is not in exceptional physical condition.I preferred to replace him because it did not seem very good.But he did everything to be ready to play, "added Sarri.

"Being pissed off is normality, which is true for all players, especially those who have made sacrifices," he said.

"It's also fun for a coach to see a furious player go out"

Asked if he would "pull the ears" to the Portuguese, Sarri said "no, there is a threshold of tolerance with those who try to give everything".

"Five minutes of anger, that seems normal to me, it's also a pleasure for a coach to see a furious player go out, it's more the opposite that would worry me," he added, before giving more details on Ronaldo's physical condition.

"He had that little knee problem, he took a shot in training, he's been a little embarrassed since, he's in a moment where he can not train more than that. 100%, "he said.

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