Another president put, chattering in Congress and Hen's bachelor party


The bachelor party of the president "post"

Alberto Fernandez belongs to a very pampa category of presidents: he is the president. They are those who rise to office without having done the work of building power, from the bottom up, but by a royal decision of a preexisting system, which keeps power and vigilance over it. Presidents put were Campora (put by Peron), Isabel (also by the general), Kirchner (put by Duhalde), Cristina (put by Nestor), now Alberto was put by the governors who have the power of Peronism, and by Cristina, whom those governors got out of the formula.

With Cristina there was no unity of Peronism or, consequently, competitive chance for that force. Being put is not an evil in itself, it is a gift, a gift, like being a poet or winner of the Quini 6. Whoever touches him, celebrates it and it will be seen how he digests that exceptional condition in politics, a business that in the countries of Western Europe involve other types of construction: republic, democracy, popular sovereignty, representation, mandate. To the president put the system gives all that. In the other cases, you have to fight hard to get it.

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Lula lost four elections before being president, Mandela was imprisoned 27 years. It is easy to say, but you have to be. Being a president has an extraordinary advantage, in addition to being a gift from the gods: he allows Alberto, in this case, a extreme freedom to make decisions, test methods, scrutinize casts in an unthinkable range of ideologies. Nobody imposes a mandate on him, nobody will ask him for accounts when he leaves office, because he only committed himself to one thing. To be the president put. His clients are not the citizens but who put it. Everything is going well and is a cause for celebration.

The hose with which he finishes his statements in public is already a work slogan: "Welcome be", he says to what they propose. And he continues to celebrate, because after assuming, as after the wedding, he knows that the mother-in-law appears … The dark side is the loneliness of the president. When things get bad, there is no one to defend it.

Mirages, the NGO Puebla and the new Mausoleum group

That absolute freedom to arm the new government gives Alberto's public movements the tone of a bachelor party, rather than a honeymoon. A lot of travel, guitars, photos, laughs and songs, a lot of pipe and train dance, visits to the unfathomable galleries of the time tunnel, roasted with what Nestor would call the "Mausoleum group" – He has said that he made decisions in the mausoleum of Nestor in Gallegos and that he will bring the bronze mass of Ecuador that represents the Santa Cruz.

That nickname was put by Nestor in 2004 to a photo of Duhalde, De la Sota and Scioli in the fifth Peronist of San Vicente. He died and Peronism continues to recreate mausoleums with the same old names. Maybe there are no others. The passion for the mausoleums explains the uproar with that NGO – in the literal sense, because it is a non-government club – that is the Puebla group, for some a homeland of Morena America, as the cried Buscapie Cardozo said, for others a Spearhead of the Chinese through the group's manager, Chilean Marco Enriquez Ominami, who has not denied the information that he is a spokesman for the French consultant representing Chinese interests in several countries in the Americas.

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To give it more morbidity, they use the Almagro museum of former ambassador Eduardo Valdes, who tries to replicate that MOMA of the Peronist museums that Daniel Scioli has in his house – incidentally, will there be a sign for Evo Morales, which is and another NGO. As the remembered Hector Masnatta said, everything will be known in the course of the trial. Because everything always ends in a trial. There are also many fantasies about thirdisms. For example, Alberto receives orders from Cristina, who receives them from Maduro, who receives them from Cubans. That is a pasted circuit that requires, as surgeons say, a surgical toilet. If it were true, neither Jorge Arguello nor Eduardo Valdes would be there.

The risk of refloating Cristina's judicial plot, which divided Peronism

The music of Alberto's bachelor party overwhelms and creates mirages about the alleged contradictions of the good Alberto and the bad Alberto, as Di Tella said when he talked about the good Menem and the bad Menem. We had to pay attention to the good, but never forget that I was where I was, as Alberto is where he is, because of the bad. It is not necessary to specify some cartoons to dissipate these confusions. The most strident is the raging lulista, which the Puebla NGO has wanted to link with some rebellions in the neighborhood. Until this Sunday, the Joker attacked the neoliberal Pinera. But the fall Evo shows that the crowd also attacks the good third party.

The street is raised against liberals and populists. The Joker does not forgive. The fall of the Bolivian fell in full session of Puebla. And the lulista party waited for them. I have denounced that it is a perverse plan to drive him crazy to Nelson Castro, the Correspondent, who no longer supplies Lula, Miro, Evo, Chile, the Amazon, etc. For the new government, Lula's freedom is central, but it is more Milagro Sala. Alberto's migration to Cristina began in December 2016, when he appeared in Jujuy to spend the new year with the jujena activist. There he broke up with his friend Massa, in whose campaigns he had played an important role.

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Alberto is one of Cristina's judicial defense directors and raising the case Sala implies using in defense of the former president an international symbol, the most international that Argentina has, and that has gone through international courts -the Inter-American ratified arrests, although he gave the domicile-. Raising an international symbol cauterizes the main problem of these causes, which is the validity of the mechanisms of global justice. 50 years ago a politician with loose papers, of any political suit, went to another country, was isolated and justice did not reach him anymore. Today, unless he takes refuge in a den without extradition – countless countries – Interpol intercepts him at an airport and brings him from his eyelashes.

Everything that is achieved for the benefit of Milagro Sala will result in Cristina's favor. This explains the exaggeration of former judge Zaffaroni that Jujuy's justice must be intervened (Congress can decide by simple majority, but it would awaken the street mood of the new opposition, which has been primed with Macri's squares in the campaign). Exaggerated by the excess of rehabilitating the prison plot of former officials of the last Peronism, which was the reason for the divisions in that party. The schism of Peronism began in 2009 – with the consequent chain of electoral defeats – as reaction to allegations of corruption. If that demon is reborn, a new division can occur in a Peronism that has already lowered Cristina from the formula, and that does not seem willing to pay another chapter of that discredit. He already paid too much. But the festivities promote excesses that, as in classical tragedies, prepare the turn of fortune.

Balkanization of the opposition, an opportunity for carancheo

There were dimes and diretes on whether Cristian Ritondo had advanced the play with the announcement of his nomination as the new head of the PRO block. For some, Macri pointed it out so that it would be clear who's in charge. "The announcement was made by Pena," added another who says he is better informed. Macri and Pena, before the complainants who visited them, settled the information: the news was given by Ritondo himself, to ensure the leadership that someone could dispute. Who? The current president of the bench, Alvaro Gonzalez, who assumed when Massot asked for a license, and had an agreement to continue in office in the new legislature.

The signal was given by the government house last week, and created rispideces in the block, because it is considered a federal force that does not necessarily have to be conducted from the Capital-Buenos Aires vertex. He motivated meetings with Macri of the conservative Omar de Marchi, and Silvia Lospennato, who renewed the bank, to complain about being imposed by Cristian, when what they expected was that, or they chose them as a block or, in any case , Mauricio suggested some name. This raised the goals of Monzo as a shipowner, on the outside, of an eventual sub-block within the PRO, to integrate the opposition interblock.

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The order has the same music as taking Bullrich to the party – that is, removing Larreta from a gravitational position in Congress – and it can be the germ of a dissent in the PRO, which would take advantage of the new congressional ruling. That there is a rebel sub-block of the PRO is a possibility that comes close to the threat of the radicals of the Cornejo-Nosiglia axis, who request the headquarters of the UCR block for the outgoing governor of Mendoza, instead of Mario Negri, and that of the Senators block for Martin Lousteau. In that bid there is only one agreement, which is the renewal of the presidency of the National Committee of the party for Cornejo – it needs 2/3 of the vote of the delegates. If there is no agreement, there may be sub-blocks of radicalism. Negri says he has 31/35 votes for his leadership.

Carrio's announcement to leave the game helps him, because his adversaries charge him his friendship with the head of the Coalition, who exercises the veto on the Cornejo-Nosiglia sector for his claims in Deputies, where the CC will have 15 deputies – and 14 since March, when Carrio resigned. This balkanization of the opposition in Congress is understandable by the heterogeneity of the members of the arch, but it is also a opportunity for carancheo What the new government can do.

Alberto has expertise in these types of maneuvers. When he was chief of staff he was the author of the convergence of Peronism with a sector of radicalism, which ended in the Cristina-Cobos formula, of a league of progressive mayors with Ibarra-Binner-Judge and contributed to the Creole semantics the verb borocotear. How long can it take for the president to reactivate the chatter between opponents with low defenses and unsatisfied basic needs?

Massa also bachelor party

Another one who is bachelor party is Sergio Massa, who is also maneuvering testing circuits, equipment and moves to study the reaction not so much of his adversaries but of his own. He visited Monzo on Thursday in the office of the presidency of the Chamber of Deputies, as if he had already been elected. Do you have the votes? It makes believe that yes, and in that visit with photographers, formalized the position they have promised, but they still have to comply. Unless the Peronism of the Fatherland wants a schism of massism in advance. It is not time to say no to anything, and that is why it advances with de facto situations that compromise its partners.

Monzo was accompanied by two firefighters of his observance, the elected provincial deputy Guillermo Bardon, and the outgoing Marcelo Daletto, pointed out in the project of a PRO platform that seeks to differentiate itself from the Pena-Larreta-Vidal axis. Several cigarettes were smoked, of the same brand with which Fernando de la Rua (Cafe Creme) was given, and they closed a first transition agreement, which implies that I continue as administrative secretary of the Chamber, the mendocina and engineer Florencia Romano. Massa's interesting gesture This photographed as head of the camera, when the many to formalize it are subject to further negotiations.

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Nobody imagines that those who ask that the president be Jose Gioja win today, because it would imply a blow to Massa that would break the new government. But you have to talk, to pay that dignity with other charges, such as the vice presidencies of the cameras. If not, people will continue to wonder why they did not accompany Massa on that visit key men of the Peronist bloc, like Gioja himself or Agustin Rossi.

In the Senate there is more circumspection. Marcelo Fuentes, head of the Christian block, who has an open line with Havana to consult Cristina about the organization of the transition he talks with Gabriela Michetti. He already transmitted to the vice-elect the interest of Peronism that the administrative and parliamentary prosecretaries, Mario Daniele (former Senator of Chubut) and Eric Calcagno continue in their positions. We will have to negotiate, because the opposition of Together for Change will want those positions below the new secretaries. One of those, the secretary, seems reserved for Virginia Garcia, former sister-in-law of Maximo Kirchner. For the transitions agenda: Michetti asked for a passport renewal – since the vice officer is due – and went to discrete mechanisms to renew his visa to the United States.

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