Antonio Brown will not be coming back this season


The NFL will not allow Antonio Brown to return to the game this season.

According to information reported Sunday by the ESPN network, the league authorities plan to place the name of the receiver on a list of exemption for players subject to allegations of sexual misconduct if he accepts a new offer.

Determined to return to the game, Brown is currently in discussion with three teams.

In the event of an agreement being signed, Brown's new team will be required to pay him a salary even though he will not be able to count on his services until the end of the investigation for sexual misconduct and alleged rape.

The receiver must meet with the NFL authorities on Thursday.

Brown is said to have behaved inappropriately to at least two women, including a former coach who pursues him in a civil suit.

The 31-year-old was released by the New England Patriots after a single game in September. Brown had signed a one-year deal with the Patriots after being fired by the Oakland Raiders a few days earlier.

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