Antonio Brown would not return to the NFL this season


The Steelers' ex-receiver novel seems endless, but at least it could have ellipses. Everything indicates that Antonio Brown would not return to the NFL at least for the remainder of this season, regardless of all the desire to return.

A new story was written a few days ago.

Although Brown had been missing from social networks Some weeks, that does not mean that he had completely moved away from the league and all that entails. In fact, he even said he wanted to play again.

The receiver has accustomed us to some mood swings and that was just what happened, since he first said he hated the NFL and never wanted to be there again and hours later he said that everything was a mistake, he just wanted to step on a grid again.

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It seems that the NFL had an answer.

He is currently a free agent and He has the freedom to go to the team he wants, But the problem goes beyond that. He still has the rape accusation he received when he was in the Patriots and The league still has no resolution on the case.

In the extraordinary situation that a team offered him a contract and I will finish it by signing, the NFL would put him directly on the commissioner's exempt list and could not play until the investigation regarding the case will end.

No team will want to get into that problem.

It is for that reason that Antonio Brown would not return to the NFL this year, since the safest thing is to not even play. The teams will not risk paying him and that in the end the accusation for violation ends up being real. Will it return in 2020?

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