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The president of Olympique Lyonnais has recognized the superiority of OM on OL, Sunday night at the Velodrome (2-1). But Jean-Michel Aulas did not fail to denounce the Marseilles context and to attack the arbitration.

A media release to Jean-Michel Aulas. The president of the OL was the author of a muscular plea on the environment of the match Marseille-Lyon, won by the OM Sunday night at the Velodrome (2-1). "The result is indisputable, first recognized "JMA" at the microphone of Canal +. On the other hand, the match gave a deplorable image of football in its context of passion. When we try to impress before the players, leaders with a pressure that is unconfined. When during the match, we can mention at least two cases of difficulties on the application of the VAR. It seems to me that there is a hand of Sanson just before the hand that brings the penalty that changes the fate of the match. And then there is Benedetto's slap on Dubois who is not whistled at all … "

A president of Gones who laughed yellow in the continuation of his remarks. "So congratulations to Marseille for putting a fantastic pressure, to have conditioned small ball collectors so they do not give the balloons, to ensure that the pressure is immense. we will not dispute it, but there are big mistakes in the refereeing and pressure that is too big when the car is broken on order to impress, that's a pity. Marseille who made a very good match. "

Should we expect an OL response through various appeals? "We're not going to ask anything at all, retorts Aulas. The general manager of the league was present, Pascal Garibian (Referee's boss, ed) was present. If the VAR does not work, if we are no longer in a state of law that allows the match to unfold in good conditions, which may have allowed Marseille to win, bravo. Payet did everything on the pitch, he scored some good goals, he gave his opinion to Rudi Garcia as well and he made sure to animate the day of the 120 years of party and birthday supporters … "

But the Lyon president, who was bound to expect a delicate welcome by landing in Marseille with the former coach of OM on his bench, did not hate everything at the Velodrome. "In fact, the most beautiful thing was the tifos that were truly remarkable and we feasted to see tifos of this quality." Certainly not enough to brighten up his evening ….

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