Azmahar Ariano after the defeat against Olympia: 'They had told me about arbitration but I didn't believe it' – Ten


There was a lot of discomfort in the players of Marathon after the 1-0 loss to Olympia in the National. The green soccer players left dissatisfied by the arbitration of Melvin Matamoros and that was reflected at the end of the match.

Olimpia defeats Marathon, wins the laps and ensures the Grand Opening Final 2019!

One of the players who complained was Azmahar Ariano who remembers that they had already told him about this, but he didn't believe it.

"There is not a good taste and not because we lost, it was a game that we were doing well. My point of view is about arbitration, they have been hurting us for a long time. They had told me about arbitration, but I did not believe it, already seeing it worries me because I have taken love to Honduras and it saddens me that the referees remain protagonists in matches. "

The gutter considered that in such a short time of being in Honduras He already realized what the arbitration is like, with everything and that assured that champions will come out.

"I do not know if there is a campaign against the team, they will know and we have to keep working and fighting against anything. People who have been here for a long time know, know what happens and how this is handled. I see it, I I am new and I have five months here and I am noticing it, it is not a lie because it is already seen, we are going to be champions whatever and against whatever.

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