Back to the sources, the "holy" mission


On August 4, Favio Orsi, Sergio Gomez and several of the members of his staff had the first contact with his fans. On a sunny afternoon, the new San Martin began to sketch some glimpses of what he intended to be as a team, just in a friendly victory (2 to 1) against Gymnastics and Fencing of Jujuy.

This afternoon, with the third part of the final stretch of the championship consumed, the "Santo" will try to be again, just before that rival with which he measured forces while taking his first steps; although little has that moment with the current one.

The truth is that if at that time the "Wolf" served as a kind of trampoline in which the "Holy" was driven to be able to model the "11" that led him to the top of Zone B of the First National; Today that same rival could be the kick for the team to recover its best version. “It is true that the game against All Boys was not as expected. Therefore, this time we have to play again as we were doing, and try to win in the reunion with our people. It's fundamental, ”asks Gomez.

His partner in the "holy" command warns that the stop will not be easy at all. “We are going to face a team that knows us a lot. We played two games during the preseason and it comes to win clearly against Instituto, one of the teams that I think best soccer practice in the category. In addition, it neutralized it from beginning to end, ”adds Orsi.

In that August game, in which the duo presented its model in society, The Citadel was a party – the fans filled the stadium and showed their unconditional support – and the public left with a pleasant impression of a team that would later confirm in the start of the championship all the good things he had hinted at that time. That is why coaches ask to return to the sources. “Hopefully we can win again, but above all to show the game that is capable of showing this team. We have to know that tranquility must be our ally and that we should not give up being an ambitious team, that always tries to play and that does not stop showing the desire to surpass each rival ”, says Gomez.

Of course, for this occasion, San Martin will have a low sensitive: Gonzalo Rodriguez, expelled in Floresta. “It is not a minor absence. Gonzalo was at a great level and is important in our scheme. But in this squad there are players trained to replace it correctly. We may have to modify the structure of the game, but the intentions must be the same as always, ”says Orsi.

Whatever happens, San Martin will not lose the top of its area, but in Bolivar and Pellegrini they are not satisfied with that. The goal is to win again and for the team to recover its best form. Just before the "Wolf", the team with which he took his first steps.

“Holy” corner

Brandan and Lamardo return

The list of summoned for this afternoon's duel presented two novelties: the returns of Fernando Brandan and Gonzalo Lamardo, who had not been taken into account for several dates. In addition to them, they were concentrated yesterday after the morning practice: Pedro Fernandez, Emiliano Purita, Rodrigo Moreira, Mauro Bellone, Ignacio Gonzalez Brazeiro, Lucas Gonzalez and Ramiro Costa. Two of them will stay outside the substitute bank.

The "Wolf" comes sharp

After a shy start this season, in which the ups and downs were constant, Jujuy Gymnastics seems to have found balance in the tournament. Those directed by Marcelo Herrera come from beating 3 to 0 to Instituto, a duel in which they showed their best version. On the other hand, they did not receive goals in the last two games.

A great opportunity

San Martin and Gimnasia de Jujuy met in 19 opportunities throughout their history (between First division and promotion). The "Saint" won six games, tied six times, while the "Wolf" triumphed seven times. Meanwhile, in The Citadel they crossed nine times; with four victories of San Martin, three draws and two victories of Gymnastics. This afternoon, those led by Favio Orsi and Sergio Gomez have the opportunity to level the record.


Yesterday, several games were played by date 12 of the First National: Nueva Chicago 2-Students 1, Almagro 1-All Boys 0, Villa Dalmine 0-Atletico de Rafaela 0 and Ferro 0-Agropecuario 1. Today the day will continue with several Interesting duels: Atlanta-Barracas Central, Brown (A) -Gymnastics (Mendoza), Guillermo Brown-Belgrano and Independent Rivadavia-Deportivo Moron.

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