"Barcelona is a reflection of the city of the future"


Burcu Yarar, 44 years old, born in Istanbul, arrived in Barcelona two and a half years ago. After living in Istanbul, Detroit and Dusseldorf chose Barcelona as the ideal city to raise their daughter. She is the founder of Freeda Coaching and Consultancy, a company established in Turkey specializing in 'coaching' of leaders and teams and also works as a 'customer experience coach' at MSX International.

-Why did you choose Barcelona?

After living and visiting different countries, Barcelona seemed ideal for me to move with my family; It is an incredibly energetic city, flexible and open to all cultures. I wanted my daughter to be in an international environment, without very strict rules, that would allow her to grow up in a friendly environment. Barcelona has a different energy from other cities, society is based on the family, and notes on how people want to enjoy the city and its surroundings apart from working. In addition, he shares the Mediterranean culture with Turkey, and although it was not an indispensable attribute when it came to moving, he wanted to live in a city that had this passion for enjoying life.

-What challenges does Barcelona face?

Like all cities, it has weaknesses that it must face, especially legal and physical. As for the physical aspect, pollution stands out. I hoped it was a cleaner city. I had been to Barcelona many times and until I moved I didn't realize the pollution. It is also a very busy city. The administration should be more effective in managing tourism and traffic on the streets, both to care for residents and tourists.

With regard to the legal issue, regulation for entrepreneurs has ample room for improvement and must have an international perspective. Creating a company here is very complicated. In addition, the difficulty in obtaining a work permit is a brake on the attraction of international talent.

-What do you feel is your city?

I consider that my house is Barcelona and, secondly, Dusseldorf. Turkey is my country, I love to visit, but Istanbul is not where I would like to live. Right now, I could not leave Barcelona, ​​it is my home.

-How do you perceive the coach sector in Barcelona?

The leadership and coaching development sector is widespread, but the important thing is to find the exact need of the companies. In Barcelona, ​​the startup ecosystem is very powerful and professional: now we are focused on helping these small companies to define their priorities, their strategy and we support them to be more resistant when facing the challenges of a growing business. Barcelona has the best ingredients to be the ideal city: a very powerful ecosystem, growing internationality and an incredible location. The city has to know how to use these resources in the most efficient way. It is a model city that teaches the world what the future of work is like. The Barcelona mentality is a reflection of the future; there is no place for office hours from eight in the morning to seven in the afternoon. People have a more open mind, which leads to a better quality of life. It has everything to be the ideal city, but it must be enhanced.

– Would you recommend this city to your friends?

Absolutely. Despite the bureaucratic difficulties and slowness, it is worth it, I constantly tell my friends. I remind you that you have to be patient, but that it is the best city to live.

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