Bolivia denounces looting of Evo housing and officials (+ Video)


Opposition groups to the constitutional government of Bolivia today looted the house of Evo Morales, who resigned his mandate in the afternoon, and the minister of the presidency, Juan Ramon Quintana.

Through her Twitter account, the health minister, Gabriela Montano, denounced to the world that 'the opposition had ransacked the house of @evoespueblo. What do they want??? Enough of violence, 'he asked justice.

On the other hand, mobilized boxes of documents kept by the authority were taken from Quintana's home and the images show the damage caused to the entrance door and inside, according to a report by the Red Uno television.

These shock forces, described days ago by the vice president, Alvaro Garcia, painted the walls with discriminatory phrases against the sociologist and politician.

Despite the consummation of the coup d'etat sponsored by the United States government, which was the objective of the political right, there are still acts of violence in the country.

In the last days, the pronouncements of civic leaders – from the right – led by Luis Fernando Camacho led to extreme violence mainly in the departments of Santa Cruz, Potosi, Oruro and La Paz, which were denounced to the world and about which never the prosecution intervened or, through its conduit, the Police.

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