Bolivia Resignation: Evo Morales confirms the resignation of the presidency of Bolivia | International


Due to the strong accusations that mark the elections of October 20 as fraudulent, the Organization of American States (OAS) decided to carry out an audit and review of the electoral process that took place in this country.

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After the pronouncement of the OAS, Evo Morales decided to resign his position and said that it hurts deeply to make the decision but that it is the best for the country. In addition, he informed that he would send his resignation in the next few hours to Congress and thus terminate his mandate.

"I resign from my position as president so that Carlos Mesa and Luis Fernando Camacho do not continue to persecute social leaders," Morales said on television, referring to opposition leaders who called for protests against him.

The reactions in the political world of Bolivia and the world were swift and the Vice President of Bolivia, Alvaro Garcia, also announced his resignation considering it is a coup d'etat.

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