Busquets ascends to "Olympus blaugrana"


It has rained a lot since Sergio Busquets debuted in 2008 before the Santander Racing. Specifically, before the Celta Vigo This weekend the pivot of Sabadell has made history. His entry into the field meant the match 550 with the Barca shirt, so that it exceeded 549 of Migueli and placed fifth in the historical classification of FC Barcelona. In all these meetings, Badia's has achieved a total of 400 wins, 94 draws and only 56 defeats.

Thus, the second Barca captain only have left ahead Carles Puyol, with 593, Andres Iniesta, with 674, Leo Messi, with 697, and Xavi Hernandez, first with 767 meetings wearing the FC Barcelona shirt. Another surprising data of these numbers of Busquets is that in the 550 crashes in which he dressed the cule jacket, in 489 he was chosen by his shift coach to leave in the starting lineup.

A player not accustomed to scoring, precisely achieved a target in his match 550, somewhat that was the fourteenth with the Barca shirt. He also points out that in all this round of matches he was only expelled twice. Meanwhile, at 31, it is crucial to Valverde, being one of the captains of the Blaugrana painting. Further, Robert Moreno it demonstrates in each call that "Busi" is a fixture for "La Roja". In short, endless data showing the career of one of the best players in the history of Spanish football.

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