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The Cardinals of Lara, in a match framed by the offenses of both novenas, beat the Magallanes Navigators on Saturday with a score of 13 runs by 9, a match that was played at the Antonio Herrera Gutierrez de Barquisimeto stadium.

In the lower part of the first section, the "Red Birds" opened the scoring through Yonathan Mendoza, who with a single to the left garden drove Yordanys Linares.

The "Twilight", in the second inning began a feast of battles before the electric pitching, Mendoza appeared again with his second undisputed game, driving two races.

The gale of those directed by Luis Ugueto followed, they made four more lines in the third episode.

In the sixth inning the "Turks" with home run by Wilmer Becerra discounted on the board, three scores came. The pupils of Enrique "Che" Reyes finished the inning with a bouquet of eight produced.

Lara would come to close the sixth scoring four more and putting definitive figures.

The pitcher Vicente Campos (1-0) took the win, while Carlos Alvarado (0-1) loaded with the reverse

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