Cedric Alexander talks about losing to AJ Styles and working with Paul Heyman


By Sonia Arroyuelo – PUBLISHED ON 10/11/2019 AT 10:53

The fighter of WWE Cedric Alexander recently granted an interview to Talk Sport in which he was honest about the comments that the specialized journalist Dave Meltzer he performed a few weeks ago on his radio show according to which, Vince McMahon decided to "bury" the push that Alexander was receiving and that's why he lost him quickly to AJ Styles in the PPV Clash of Champions and, the next night, be defeated by Styles himself in Raw.

"I don't agree with those comments." He affirmed the former Cruiserweight champion «In addition, they bothered me a lot because I think they are not good for our environment or our brand. Whether you think that my losses were terrible and that AJ humiliated me or not, it seems good to me because I knew what these clashes were going to be … Great fights in which to demonstrate my personality and style in the ring in front of a larger audience. For me, that is a victory.

«A defeat does not mean that you end up" buried "». Alexander continued «Please, we are talking about AJ Styles … How can anyone think that having the opportunity to face him is a" burial "? For me, it is part of the Holy Trinity of wrestling (along with Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels), so the fact that a deity like him defeats me seems great to me. I have read comments like "Cedric is great, but they are 'burying him'". I disagree. I disagree because it is impossible to be "buried" when you lose to AJ Styles. It is simply … Impossible ».

Alexander also talked about what it meant for him to work with Paul Heyman «It has been a dream come true, something that never, in all my life, I thought it would happen. Talking with him, listening to his advice and understanding his way of seeing this world has helped me a lot, both at the level of trust and at the level of work in the ring. I feel much more comfortable and it's a feeling that I love ».

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