Ciego de Avila defeats the three-time defender Santiago de Cuba two goals for one


Ciego de Avila defeated as a visitor to the three-time defender Santiago de Cuba two goals for one, at the beginning of the 105 Cuban Soccer League on the Jose “Pepe” Cape runway in this city.

Lorenzo Mambrini, technical director of the Avilanians, said that the team gave him great satisfaction, because beating the untamed is difficult, despite the absences and whoever plays, on the shirts the word "is not written" reserve ”, his pupils understood it well and complied with the game strategy that was drawn according to the weaknesses of the opponent.

In a game with their high and low moments, Los Diablos were always below the scoreboard after receiving the initial goal by goal scorer Sander Fernandez in minute two of the match, who aspires to reach 100 goals in this competitive stage, the second goal The visitor was the result of a backlash that masterfully executed Joan Carlos Casola, in a hand in hand with the goalkeeper, the discount was scored by midfield Santiago Cristian Flores.

Winning the current champions means one more step towards qualifying for the final, you must always have Ciego de Avila, because all the players strive to obtain good results and the incorporation of Mambrini as director, means an important plus to reach being champions, Avilanian striker Sander Fernandez valued.

The host squad raised a meeting that was based more on the desire than in the quality of their football, with a midfield that never existed at the time of disputing the balls and giving a clean exit to an attack that was characterized by poor definition facing the opposite goal, yes, the best opportunities came from the interior game developed by its sides, which could never achieve a quality center to the area from the bottom line.

Celestino Dubois, physical trainer of the untamed, said that the team can not give up its game system, the fact of not making friendly stops prior to this start and the suspension of the preparation, did not allow a clear vision of their weaknesses, to Although the absences and casualties they face is the main obstacle; We had no choice but to go out with the best we had and after this defeat we will change whatever is necessary, he said.

Santiago de Cuba faces the absences of goalkeeper Nelson Johnston, defender Erick Rizo and the flyers Rolando Abreu and Rendy Reve, who are summoned with the national team, who are also joined by defenders Leonnis Martinez (best player in the previous League) and Raul Perez, who complete two days of suspension that drag the last Final.

The competition takes place three weeks after the agreed date and with a new format of two groups, in which the leaders of the respective keys will play the final.

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