Cienfuegos wins subserie to Las Tunas


The Elephants of Cienfuegos made decisive cluster of four races in their last opportunity to the offensive and defeated as visitors to the Woodcutters of Las Tunas with 7-5 slate in the stadium "Julio Antonio Mella".
In the only game of the day, due to the inclement weather in Havana and Camaguey, the Cienfuegueros are in third place 2.5 games from the top.
The tuneros won 5-3 when at the opening of the ninth the Southerners combined two base bases by balls and four unstoppable, one of them double the initialist Daniel Perez who towed the last two of the rebellion.
This clash was won by Jose A. Ozuna (4-1), saved for Miguel Lahera (6) and lost by the Holguin player Ruben Rodriguez (5-4) who faced two batters and both hit him singles and then scored for him. mentioned Perez's double against the last reliever Yacel Labrada.
Precisely Daniel Perez (2-2, 3 CI), was the most prominent by visitors, escorted by Juan M. Soriano (4-3), and Yasniel Gonzalez (5-3). Rafael Vinales (3-1, 5th homer) was distinguished by the locals. Holguin shortstop Yordan Manduley made it 3-1.
On Tuesday, new private commitments are initiated with the Industrial duels – Cienfuegos (TV), Matanzas – Las Tunas and Santiago- Camaguey.
The Industrial games- Santiago and Matanzas- Camaguey were suspended because of the rain.
POSITIONS TABLE: Santiago and Camaguey (35-21), Cienfuegos (34-23 to 1.5), Las Tunas (33-24 to 2.5) and Industrial (29-27 to 6.0).

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