Comment on the coach dismissal at Mainz 05: Abandoned




10.11.2019 – 14:19

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Henning Kunz: sports editor Mainz

From Henning Kunz

Sports editor Mainz

Something had to happen. So much was clear to all involved in the Bruchweg after the recent, bloodless non-benefits. Too big the playful poverty. Too blatantly the difference between claim and reality. Too extreme the fluctuations. Too bad the results. On Sunday afternoon then the execution report: Mainz 05 and Sandro Schwarz go now separate ways. The comprehensible decision should have been taken together.

Insight is known to be the first way to recovery. Apparently, the coach has also realized that he no longer had the right wrench in his tool box to move something in his unsettled crew. Headless, helpless, lifeless. Again and again, Black had put in front of his team, even after the 0: 8 against Leipzig, the obvious lack of quality not questioned. Maybe he would have done that better. Now it is too late. Black has promised a response – his team has simply abandoned the coach.

With the real Mainz Sandro Black says goodbye to the only identification figure. In the team one searches in vain for such types. A heterogeneous group without drivers and spokesmen. Without attitude and passion. The compilation does not fit. At least not in times of crisis when real types are in demand and must go first. Again: Black's replacement is to understand, but should not be the solution of the problem. On Rouven SchrOder waiting the most difficult task in his career as sports director of Mainz 05.

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