Coudet remains unconfirmed if it will fulfill the contract with Racing that expires in June 2020


The message was unanimous. From the four sides of the Cylinder, the war cry was heard clearly: "And you see it, and you see it, it's the Coudet team". Chacho He responded quickly. He left the bank of substitutes and corresponded to the gestures of affection.

The champion coach, consummate 1-0 a HurricaneHe talked about this situation. It was not an easy week. It came to light that he would have agreed to leave at the end of the year at Porto Alegre Inter and who wants to take Sigali.

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"The reality is what is seen in the Cylinder with the love of the people. Not in social networks or partisan programs. I did not like that my continuity is questioned and the fan was being told that he was taking me halfway. I come to deny lies ”, finished the DT.

Although again left in the air its continuity. Again he avoided saying whether or not he will fulfill his contract, which expires in June. This would be the easiest to decompress the situation and what, inside, the leadership thinks.

Beyond this issue, Coudet talked about the team and the good moment that Nicolas Reniero is living. “I hoped he was going to have one left and it was left. Why didn't you start? I thought that the 11 were the best to start, ”said the former Central.

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He added: “We are going to modify the movements to surprise the rivals. We never lost patience and that is the important thing. When they get eight or nine players back, it costs us all. We try to constantly enter the rhythm we need. It is not ideal to finish with three 9, but you can not always open the quick marker. ”

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Finally, he talked about whether the Academy is to retain the title in the Super league. “The goal is to be up there. It may cost us more or less, but the idea is sustained. Internal competition is high and we will continue to grow”, The coach promised.

Will you arrive in the middle of the year to fight the title?

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