Coup in Bolivia: the cultured pearl was stolen


The coup d'etat in the traditional style that took place today in Bolivia indicates that the United States concludes that the phase of winning at the polls has ended. Bolivia was completed, which for thirteen years was the pearl cultivated in the region. The best government in its history. The greatest historical empowerment of the indigenous population, its overwhelming majority, in a country that already had a president who only spoke English. Peace, nonviolence in the name of which Evo and Garcia Linera resigned, must be the key, the yearning and the flag of the new organisms that arise. The founding democratic clause of Unasur is indispensable for us to live in a region where no government like the one in Bolivia will be recognized now. They have no right. And it is the rule of law that will have to be defended as our Bastille. Today is a day of mourning for the world's democracies.

We will know who is who when you begin to know which country (which government) recognizes the spawn that will arise in Bolivia after days of lynching, fires to relatives of the president, beatings organized by civil commandos and mercenaries. The civilized world must react accordingly.

For millions, Evo Morales has been a huge example of what he can nest in an ever-despised town, and that became one of the most developed countries in the region, with unprecedented quality of life indices. Evo redeemed 500 years of injustice. Evo will be vindicated today and forever. Long live Evo.

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