Dead body in Donaukanal: 'Probably an accident' – Vienna


On Saturday, a body was discovered in the Vienna Danube Canal. The body was sighted near the salt gate bridge. The backgrounds are completely unclear.

In Vienna, an alarm was sounded shortly before 4 pm on Saturday because there was a corpse in Vienna's Danube Canal. The background to the deed is still completely unclear. On ""Demand could reveal the police on Saturday afternoon, no findings.The police called for the fire brigade to hold the body. The body was spotted near the Salztor bridge. Apparently, the body caught the bathing ship.

Update 5:45 pm

It became known in the early evening that the body was a male. The backgrounds are still the subject of investigations. According to information from the police, a few days ago a man in the area of ​​the "Gray Trout" jumped into the water and did not show up anymore. It could be the departing one. "The most likely scenario is an accident," said police spokesman Paul Eidenberger ""

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