dead overeating after trying to eat 50 eggs as a result


In India, a man died of overeating after challenging himself to eat 50 eggs in a row. He lost consciousness after ingesting the 42nd.

Overeating is, by definition, detrimental to a balanced diet. And if this truth is generally observed over time, the dramatic story in question here is an exception. The Ouest-France site reports that in India, in the city of Jawnpur, a man died of overeating at the beginning of the week within a few hours. It all started with an argument between this man and a friend in a market. Both could not agree on a money story.

To win 2,000 rupees, they try to eat 50 eggs in a row

The friends then challenged themselves to eat 50 eggs in a row. The winner would win 2,000 rupees, about 25 euros. One of these men started. When he had just swallowed his 42nd egg, he lost consciousness. Rushed to the nearest hospital, he was finally killed a few hours later.

Anaphylactic shock was the first suspected cause of death

The local doctors first thought that the man had choked. Our colleagues point out that this first supposed cause of death was not a direct choking with an egg, but rather an anaphylactic shock that would have resulted from an allergic reaction. The victim would have succumbed following the appearance of a Quincke edema in his throat. The doctors who tried to revive her finally came to the obvious: the man died from overeating. According to the Gulf Daily News, challenges of this kind would be legion in India, and as this tragic case seems to prove, would not be limited to a childish practice.

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