Deadly pileup at Plateau Caillou: Closed road for investigation


The road will be closed this Monday afternoon following the fatal collision that occurred Saturday night on the slope of 11%.

The county council informs you that on RD6 the ramps plateau pebble following the fatal accident of last night and to allow additional investigation of the gendarmerie ", the road will be closed this Monday, November 11 to the traffic of 16h at 5.30 pm

A deviation will be put in place by the municipal roads.

Deadly pileup

An accident occurred this Saturday at around 20 hours on the slope at 11% of Caillou Plateau at St.Paul. The exact circumstances of the pileup are not yet known.

A frontal collision happened. A third vehicle was involved in thedeadly accident.

The human toll is of one death and 5 victims who suffer from minor injuries among which are 3 children.

Firefighters have deployed significant resources following this accident. 3 ambulances and a lane safety vehicle were on site.

Road mortality in Reunion

30 people have lost their lives on the roads of Reunion since the beginning of the year. Pedestrians pay the highest price with 16 deaths. 7 motorcycle users lost their lives, 6 motorists died and one cyclist died of his injuries.

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