Desperate search for Ignacio Galvan: his family has not heard from him since Friday


Ignacio Galvan He is a musician of 24 years who has been missing since last Friday, after leaving his home in the Federal Capital towards La Plata. The last place where it was seen was the Constitution station. Since then, no one in his family was able to communicate with him, so he grew worried about his surroundings and began an intense search to find his whereabouts.

Although he is a native of La Plata, Nacho, as his relatives call him, stays during the week in the City of Buenos Aires, where he studies. A neighbor saw him leave on Friday, around 6 pm from the place where he lives to the city of the diagonals. But the young student never reached destination.

The 24-year-old boy works in a brewery in La Plata and that same Friday night the first thing that alerted his relatives was that Ignacio Galvan did not show up for his work shift. At the time of the disappearance, Nacho wore dark pants, carried his guitar and carried a blue backpack.

It was the security cameras of the Constitution station that located him in that terminal in the south of the city, where the trail is lost. Some witnesses said they saw him wandering around Saturday at dawn "in shock" La Plata, near the streets 13 and 520, but the reality is that there is no accurate data to locate it in that area, or confirm that the young man actually arrived in the capital of Buenos Aires.

His family followed the protocol indicated for these cases and made the police report "Due to whereabouts", while a case was opened that is brought forward by Criminal and Correctional Court No. 44.

Any person who has any information about the missing youth or believes they have seen it can contact the telephone numbers listed below: 0221-566-7350 and 0221-485-4253.

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