Djokovic statements after beating Berrettini in London


After the resounding victory against Matteo Berrettini in his first game in the Nitto ATP Finals, Novak Djokovic He has spoken at a press conference about his great state of form at the end of the season, the match against Berrettini and his next matches in Round Robin against Roger Federer Y Dominic Thiem,

His incredible physical and mental state after a year worked. "I try to take care of my body throughout the season. Of course, like everyone else, I also suffered some major injuries, luckily not too many; that's why I value both longevity and recovery in my sports career. I try to surround myself with the right people and being professional, I am very demanding and committed to the daily routine because I know that it is worth it in the long run.That is probably one of the reasons why I have managed to be healthy and fit at the end of the year. things have been going so well throughout my indoor race, especially in Paris and London, every year I come with more confidence to these tournaments. "

At the start of the game, Novak missed a pair of straight rights and let out a thunderous scream looking at his team. The Balkan speaks about his perfectionist character. "I always try to play with the highest degree of perfection possible. But I suppose it's a matter of each one. Every player is different. Throughout my career I always tried to perfect my game over and over again; sometimes, when you're hot you you get frustrated with certain things regardless of the results. Many times, I don't really care about the results as much as the execution of certain punches or tactics. That's all. "

The behavior of the public when playing with Federer. "I understand that a lot of people support Federer. He is who he is and deserves it, for his achievements and his personality. Sometimes, the stand is on your side and other times it is against it. It is something I have had to learn to drive to throughout my career. When I said that I was trying something like transforming Roger, Roger! 's shouts into Novak, Novak! That is what I am really trying to do. Mentally it works at certain times. I will try to focus on what I need to do tactically to win a game. Of course, all tennis fans like to watch our games and hopefully the stadium is full and people can enjoy tennis. "

On the aftermath that Federer can bring from the defeat at Wimbledon. "I don't think I get touched, because Roger's experience and mental strength are unprecedented. He is one of the best in history. His ability to recover after major defeats and cope with pressure in difficult times has been phenomenal. over the years I have a lot of respect for him I understand that regardless of age or surface, Federer will always do his best We have played many times, and I think he never played without giving his best tennis. I don't think the Wimbledon final is going to be an obstacle for him, although I don't know either. But I don't want to think about that. I want to focus on my tennis and do my best. "

Memories of his first Masters Cup and his match with Berrettini. "It was in 2007, in Shanghai. I think I lost all three Round Robin matches. I was with Nadal and Ferrer, but I don't remember the fourth. I was happy to be there, to be part of the tennis elite, it was a new environment for me, although it's a tennis court, it's still different, knowing that you're there for the first time and that you're going to play against a player in the top ten in each game. It's a lot of mental pressure, you know you have to do your best You, those of us who have been on the circuit for a long time playing at the highest level already have experience and know how to handle this kind of situation, emotionally and mentally, so I knew that Berrettini was going to be a little more nervous than me and I wanted to use that to take advantage of it as soon as possible, he missed a relatively easy right and gave me the break, and then I began to read his serve very well, positioning myself well on the track, I am very happy with the way I was subtracting, especially at the end of the pa rtido ".

His next match against Thiem. "He has recently mentioned that this has been his best season; winning at home in Vienna and, of course, Indian Wells, has been very important for him. We know how good it is on clay, but he has shown that he can play just as well. well on other surfaces, he is already among the five or ten best players in the world, he does not need to talk about his qualities, his quality is excellent, his dedication, professionalism and his work are fantastic and he is a very nice guy. Nico Massu, whom I've met and faced on the track, forms a great team with Dominic. It will be interesting to see how he plays against Federer tonight and we'll see later. "

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