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Double scorer, the leader of the Olympique de Marseille has used the pressure around Marseille-Lyon to tilt this meeting. The affirmation that this type works with emotions, without forgetting to give to others when he is in this conquering state of mind.

The 120 years of the club, a record crowd, the most enticing poster of Ligue 1, a turning point in the Marseille season, the return of Rudi Garcia, a mixed start to the season … So much weight under which Dimitri Payet could collapse on this Sunday of Olympico. But despite that, he had insisted on adding himself a layer in a press conference preceding this " special match" in which " many elements serve this rivalry». He, the former Olympian captain was determined to capture much of the attention, including blowing on the embers reunion with Rudi Garcia, to slide this meeting in the field of emotions.
Already swinging his former coach. " It's odd to see him in the opposite camp, especially considering his talks and his speeches about the OL players, supporters and president. I will not go into detail, but I would not like them to talk about us as wellhe coughed.We must not put our feelings in this game, it could make us thwart. We have to put this in a corner to boost us, to use it."Certainly, Rudi Garcia is the one who insisted on bringing back Dim 'to Marseille in 2016, the one with whom he was able to spread a formidable level of play by sequence and know a Europa League final. Yet the Reunionese was frank: "I have mixed memories with Rudi Garcia. Our reports have deteriorated. The communication was over, there were headaches. We can not say that we have separated on good terms."Hard to be more transparent.

Adrenaline, for him to come back

However, this Sunday, Rudi Garcia must have struggled to recognize the Dimitri Payet of his last weeks on the bench Olympian. Because it is a player lived on a mission, as possessed, he re-crossed at the Velodrome. It's simple: the playmaker, installed on the left of the line of attack, has been everywhere. Especially in the first half, we saw him down to the level of Jordan Amavi to block Leo Dubois, guide the game of impeccable transmissions, to provoke ball to the foot, distribute a few kicks stopped interesting, but especially unlock the situation. At the 13e minute, Thiago Mendes uses his hand to take out a ball and concede a penalty. The master artificer then takes his responsibilities and presents himself to Anthony Lopes. But between the whistle of Mr. Gautier and the moment to start, five good minutes have passed. It was necessary to raise Leo Dubois, sounded after two pies in the neck of Dario Benedetto, and to make sure that the Lyon keeper was not disturbed by the lasers pointed at him. Meanwhile, Payet waited, with the fate of the match in his hands. "I stayed away from all that, in my bubble, focused on the gesture I had to makeHe confided to the microphone of Canal +. The skylight will finally be found, the player can finally exult. Here he had his revenge. Twenty minutes later, his cross shot will confirm that Dimitri Payet was tonight bathed in a sweet euphoria as it could be around Euro 2016 with the Blues.

Payet is the prototype of the player who alternates the highs and lows, but who can reach the first with adrenaline. This time, it's a boiling Velodrome that "gives wings"But also his new coach, Andre Villas-Boas, who gave him the path to follow at the Lille match (2-1) last week. "It was the first time that the coach had such a mobilizing speech. He was not wrong, it made us reacthe conceded Friday.We were able to show character, intensity, aggression against a team that finished second, who plays the LDC. The team was justly rewarded. We can say that we have beaten a big, if we keep the same values ​​and the same state of mind this weekend, we can make sure to take the three points.The curse of OM against the big seems, according to Payet, to have been reversed thanks to "a coach who speaks with his heart, who does not speak wood». Any 'the difference with the former coachIf it was not clear enough.

Certainly not the last session

But what is striking in Dimitri Payet's match is that this time he put his character at the service of his team and positively. In contrast to the bloodshed he had against Montpellier, causing a suspension of four games. At the time, this reaction could be interpreted as that of a 32-year-old man, frustrated by himself and unresolved in the face of an inevitable decline. This Sunday, the answer was diametrically opposed, as if he had realized that he could only postpone the end by such feats. "I worked a lot, I come back from a long suspension. I said that the more games went by, the faster the rhythm would come backhe debriefed before going back on his media releases.I said what I had to say, I spoke with my heart. I had things in me, it had to come out. It made me talk, but that did not stop me from staying focused. I used that to motivate myself.The cramps at the end of the match may have shown that Payet was in over-regime at this meeting and the Marseillais are also used to this player plugged in AC. But even if he chooses his matches, as much as it is to leave such benefits.By Mathieu Rollinger

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