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All the stars were lined up for the Green Lisa Mazzone is elected this Sunday in the Council of States: the June 14 women's strike had been preceded throughout the spring by climatic marches, causing October 20 wave a green, young and feminist on Switzerland. If we add the division of the right-wing opponents – the SVP going it alone – and the Entente bickering like an old couple, it is not a surprise if the verdict of the ballot box was clear.

The former national councilor will join the Council of States with her socialist Carlo Sommaruga. Her score says a lot: with 45,998 votes, she is ahead of the Socialist by more than a thousand votes and, above all, PLR Hugues Hiltpold by 18,701 votes.

On Sunday, the suspense was in fact short-lived. At 12:45 pm the results of the postal votes (more than 95% of the votes) fell. And they were clear enough that, less than an hour later, Lisa Mazzone and Carlo Sommaruga make a triumphal entry at 6, rue de l'Hotel-de-Ville, surrounded by their many supporters.

"The Entente lived"

The left has managed to retain the two Geneva seats of the Council of States. This monopoly is perpetuated for the fourth legislature, after the reign of twelve years of Green Robert Cramer and the socialist Liliane Maury Pasquier. On the basis of the sole electoral weight of the left and the right in the canton, and when it was necessary to replace two leavers, it was not an obvious, even logical outcome. But the divisions and the crises always pay themselves cash at the time of the elections.

Arrived fourth Sunday with 22,960 votes, PDC Beatrice Hirsch was the first to respond to the media. And she did not mince words. "The Entente has worked very well for a long time, but I think she lived. I believe in a great alliance in the center. We must have this discussion, but it will be after the municipal elections. "

Jean-Luc Forni, the leader of the PDC group at the Grand Conseil, confirms: "The Entente is cracked. We felt the lack of mobilization during these last fifteen days. It is possible that in the future our parties will function as at the national level, with occasional alliances and no longer a privileged alliance. "

As for questioning the alliances, the SVP would obviously not be against it. Arrived fifth Sunday, the national councilor Celine Amaudruz is sorry for this new failure of the right. "Our problem is obvious," she explains. Look what PLR Olivier Francais did in Canton Vaud. He was third in the first round and, thanks to a wide alliance, he is first this Sunday in the second round.

It is clearly addressed in priority to the PLR ​​when it speaks of alliance: "I regret that the Geneva right can not work together, and this despite the call of the foot that I made since the beginning of my presidency, and recalled again (and again) on the evening of the first round to the president of the PLR, Bertrand Reich, "she adds.

It should be noted, however, that if there was no official alliance, young PLR and UDC called for the Hugust Hiltpold and Celine Amaudruz ticket. And that the support committee of the PLR ​​candidate has published advertising inserts leaving the choice to the voter for the second cross. This probably helped Celine Amaudruz to achieve the best score ever obtained in the States, in Geneva, by a candidate of this party. With 21,926 votes, she has only 1,000 less than Beatrice Hirsch.

Hugues Hiltpold shot

The most distraught on Sunday seemed to be the radical liberals. Even seasoned politicians like National Councilor Christian Luscher refused to comment warmly. Hugues Hiltpold did not steal, not hiding his disappointment. "This is my first electoral failure in eighteen years," he recalled. We tried to have a pungent reaction, but it did not work. In Geneva, the left is a minority. I regret that the majority of the population is not represented on the Council of States. "On the other hand, he refused to comment on the future of the Agreement.

Beyond the local vicissitudes, it is important to remember that these federal elections were the expression of a more fundamental phenomenon. According to Sandrine Salerno, PS administrative advisor in the City of Geneva, "we have witnessed an important political and social moment in which climate and societal demands for gender equality and the recognition of minority sexuality have become stronger. These demands are not in themselves left or right, but they have been better supported by left-wing candidates. "

The participation

The participation rate is 32.81%, an extremely low rate since we have to go back to 1931 to find such a low participation. On October 20, the rate was 39%, more than six points above. In 2015, the difference between the two rounds was only four points.


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