Elections 10N: ERC wins the PSC for the minimum in Barcelona | Catalonia


Esquerra repeated last night victory in the city of Barcelona (with 20.9% of the votes), although he lost votes in favor of the CUP (which broke into a general with 6.9% of votes), and practically tied in percentage of support with the PSC (19.9%). In Comu Podem he repeated in third place (15.6%), followed by Junts per Catalunya (12.4%) and the PP (9.5%), with substantial increases both. Ciutadans fell to seventh place and in eighth was Vox, with 43,000 votes.

The participation in Barcelona fell with respect to the call of 28-A (when it was 78%), but despite the decrease it was notable: 73.5%. More Country, the candidacy of Ínigo Errejon, obtained 12,812 votes (1.57% of the total) and the animalist party, the Pacma, received 8,200 seats.

In the frantic electoral cycle of the last five years, yesterday's call was the first in Barcelona since the May municipal elections. And if 28-A Mayor Ada Colau chose to reserve her presence in the election campaign, so as not to burn her candidacy if the collapse predicted by the polls was fulfilled, now the leader of the commons has been fully involved. He has participated in events almost daily, in Barcelona but also in cities like Girona, in Seville or in the final rally of Podemos in Madrid.

ERC maintains the victory, as in the May municipalities. But interestingly, the first three parties lose support: the Republicans, the PSC and also the commons. However, yesterday won votes Junts per Catalunya and the PP (in this case clearly favored by the collapse of Ciutadans).

By districts, the first party in percentage of votes is ERC in six districts (Eixample, Gracia, Les Corts, Sant Andreu, Sant Marti and Sants-Montjuïc). The PSC wins in four (Ciutat Vella, Horta-Guinardo and Nou Barris, where it obtains 28.8% of the votes). And the district where the balance of forces is unmarked from the rest of the city is Sarria-Sant Gervasi: Junts per Catalunya wins with 19.9% ​​of the votes and, secondly, the PP is placed, with 18.3 %. In the general elections of six months ago, and on the eve of the municipal elections, ERC won in five districts (Gracia, Eixample, Les Corts, Sant Marti and Sants), PSC in four (Ciutat Vella, Horta-Guinardo, Nou Barris and Sant Andreu), and Junts per Catalunya in Sarria-Sant Gervasi.

CUP and Vox

In the case of the CUP, which was presented for the first time to the general elections, the anti-capitalist formation obtains almost 7% of the votes, with 56,900 ballots. And at the opposite end of the left-right axis Vox gets 43,600 votes, 5.3% of the total. The far right of Santiago Abascal obtains its best results in two districts that are in the extremes for rent: the richest, Sarria-Sant Gervasi (7.9% of the votes), and the poorest, Nou Barris (with a 7, one%).

With only five months of difference from the last municipal elections, which won ERC by just 4,700 votes over the commons, the differences between parties are notable in percentage of votes. Republicans then obtained 21.3% of votes and now 20.9%. The formation led by Mayor Colau (who ended up ruling in coalition with the PSC and with the votes of former Prime Minister Manuel Valls) obtained 20.7% of the ballots, far from 15.6% last night. The PSC obtained a result similar to that of then: 19.8% in May and 18.4% last night. Junts per Catalunya now loses two percentage points (12.4% versus 10.5%) and the PP practically doubles the result, going from 5% at that time to 9.5% yesterday. Making the comparison with Citizens would not be valid, because the orange party concurred with Barcelona pel Canvi, the platform of former French Prime Minister Manuel Valls. They obtained 6 mayor, but Valls ended up separating and constituting a municipal group with the mayor Eva Parera.

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